Monday, 8 July 2013

Dormer windows loft conversion is a fashionable technique. In this technique a dormer window that develops at right angles to the flat on the roof is intended to offer additional space and present a gorgeous appearance. This projection makes additional head room in the attic area, which is usually handicapped by an angled or sloping roof. The projection of the window can be as extensive as the room between two rafters. This provides the roof of the dormer a definite degree of support as the beams of its roof will rest on the rafter. Wider dormers will need additional structural support.

The attic renovation technique of adding dormer windows is extensively practiced in many parts of the world. A range of these windows is in reality. Some have flat roofs, gabled roofs hipped variety. The extra space that this style of conversion makes can help in the renovation of attics into helpful spaces like bedrooms or efficient storage areas.

If you desire to make this area a bedroom or any other room, then make sure that the attic has proper access to suitably stable flooring. Create it safe in conditions of fire safety. Follow all protection rules when construction your dormer windows to create it structurally safe and also enjoyable. Dormers add to the aesthetic worth of the residence when done with idea and planning. Dormer windows Loft Conversion technique is famous in north London.


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  2. I do converted my loft just last week and everything turns out great.
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